Korkay® Leather Conditioner Cream - 16 oz. Bottle

Korkay® Leather Conditioner Cream - 16 oz. Bottle

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Knight products is proud to offer Korkay® Leather Conditioner Cream - 278 - 16 oz.

Korkay Leather Conditioner is a premium blend of conditioners and protectants which rejuvenates leather to look and feel like new again.  Bolstered with U.V. sunscreen, Korkay Leather Conditioner helps protect leather from the damaging effects of the sun's harmful rays.  The rich, creamy formula revitalizes leather with essential moisturizers to prevent leather from drying and cracking.  Easy to apply, simply wipe on and walk away.  Leather conditioner restores finished leather to its natural soft supple feel.

    Available in: 16 oz., 5, 15 & 55 gallon 



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